Friday, May 1, 2009

Pick your jump into a small business with care in this global financial market downturn

Please note this may be or may not be inspirational to you ....

I was reminded this week why I have chosen to grow a relationship business with Nuskin when I re-read this article by Julie. My business can never close unless I choose to stop taking to others about it. And in this crowded marketplace having the one story that is bigger than all anti-aging stories you read about or hear in TV is a market advantage ( NU SKIN has products now that slow down the ageing process- no one else has this)


The SBDC has completed its Small Business Closure Study, which explored the reasons why small businesses have closed. The study sought to determine the extent to which the decision to close was driven by the proprietor’s own choice or was forced upon the proprietor as a result of, for example, the business becoming unviable. The results suggested that one in two small businesses in WA which closed did so for reasons of personal choice.
The study was based on interviews with 409 former small businesses proprietors whose business names were deregistered between 1 January 2003 and 31 December 2004. Small business profitability was identified as a main indicator of whether or not the decision to close the business was driven by choice or forced.
Retirement and change of lifestyle were the most common and main reasons cited for small business closures. Approximately 52% of respondents indicated personal reasons, 30% specified business/management/preparation issues and 17% cited the impact of uncontrolled issues as the main reason for the business closure.
The study found that around 39% of small businesses were profitable and 61% were not profitable immediately prior to their closure. The reasons for small business closure differed between profitable and non profitable businesses. Results indicated that:
• Respondents operating profitable businesses were more likely to indicate retirement or that they had bought or established a different business as a reason why the business closed, as compared to non-profitable businesses.
• Respondents with non profitable businesses were more likely to mention the following reasons for business closure as compared to profitable businesses including: difficulty in obtaining capital or a lack of capital, insufficient business preparation, poor marketing of the product or service and predatory behaviour of a competitor with greater bargaining power.
Survey respondents were also asked what they would do differently were they to start their business again. Improving the initial business preparation and planning was the most common change mentioned by 21 per cent of the respondents. Other changes included developing and evaluating marketing strategies, changing the business structure or set up of the business, establishing the business with adequate working capital and changing the location of the business.
For more information on this study, contact Juliet Gisbourne on +61 8 9220 0222.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Do you feel like shouting "I feel great" from the rooftops?

Ask yourself, did you get up today and shout from the roof tops – Great!!! I am having a day when the releasing the potential in me and my team /family comes first or was your first thought bemoaning the entrapment of daily existence in your work or industry, Staffing, budgets, sales, markets etc All of this adds up to ageing ourselves early.

As an anti-ageing coach I encourage the power of positive self-talk. Looking at these statements are they true for you?

Nothing drains your energy more than having negative thoughts and emotions.

Generate your own powerhouse of excitement, confidence and enthusiasm.

Positive Self talk is the secret of all winners; Olympic athletes, top sales people etc so it can be for me too.

Be honest with yourself- authentic self; if you are unwell in spirit, physical or mental you will be unable to inspire yourself let alone others.

When you are having a day from hell are your beliefs and actions manifesting more of the same for you and others?

To get the change we have to be the change

Want more?

Thank you Arlene Quinn 0402272868

I work with people who are contempating adding Antioxidants to their daily health routine

So what are antioxidants?
• They are compounds that prevent oxidation in food and the body.
• They are especially important in preventing the oxidation of polyunsaturated lipids in the cell membrane.
• Antioxidants donate electrons to electron-seeking molecules such as free radical molecules.

What are free radicals?

They are short-lived molecules that exist with an unpaired electron in their outer shell. They have an electron-seeking tendency to fill the missing space. This can be very destructive to electron-dense areas of a cell, such as the DNA and cell membranes. They are molecules that often are generated by breaking a chemical bond in which each breakdown product takes an electron. This yields two compounds, each having one unpaired electron in an end atom of the molecule.

G3 super fruit and/or LifePak together with Optimum Omega are the foundation for healthy living. gives you more details.

regardless of your decisions we are changed by exposing our minds to the possibilities of living a healthier life through suppliments - this poem comes to mind when ever I arrange for someone to take health ysteps through lifge gaol planning or adding suppliments to their diet.

I walk down the street
There is a deep hole in the pavement
I fall in
I am lost.. I am hopeless. It isn’t my fault
It takes forever to find a way out.

I walk down the street
There is a deep hole in the pavement; I pretend I do not see it
I fall in again.
I can’t believe I am in the same place.
But it isn’t my fault
It takes a long time to get out.

I walk down the same street
There is a deep hole in the pavement
I see it is there,
I still fall in, it’s a habit
My eyes are open
I know where I am
It is my fault
I get out immediately

I walk down the same street
There is a hole in the pavement
I walk around it

I walk down another street

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Magic of sharing

I have been recently aware of a change in my posture as am on-line positive change agent. I haven't always been aware that I could make a difference with everyone I coached or worked with over the last 30 odd years. It has taken the growth of on-line internet developments to show me the power of asking for referrals and gaining recommendations. I have been blown away by the quality of the recommendations that have arrived in my Linked -in Mail box! for example

“Arlene consistently comes up with ideas and solutions which are not even on my radar. She has an amazing empathy with myself and my staff and finds fun and cost effective ways of "pulling" us all in the same direction. I would not hesitate to recommend Arlene to any business who feels "lost in the swamp" or is just looking for some confirmation of the direction they are moving.”

When you put out in cyber space for something be it a recommendation of your work, a chance to offer help,someone to listen to or information about some thing you think others would gain from an exchange of energy is sent out with the touch of your computer keys. Do you think that the person who wrote the recommendation has me in mind when she sat down to write it? The energy positively flows out of the page.

As the keys are pressed you are stimulating your brain to write words that may be interpreted sincerely by others, abhored by some and may be univerally considered as spam by many regardless of the quality of the material offered.

Energy is powerful and your inner abundance of energy is what creates an attraction to your words. So when you reply to an email, answer a survey or wish for less challenging comments think about the person who sat there writing in the first place; write your response for them with an open heart and consider it a gift of energy to the person you are responding to rather than a chore of how to get through all the on-line reading and writing that arrives each day.

I was so surprised that after putting a poll out on

Imagine you have $4000 extra available every month- spend or save what on?
I had 16 responses within 24 hrs - why? because I put it out with an energy that I wanted to know the responses of others.

Message of today's post is that you get out of life what you put in - so if you can believe that being a change agent our cyber world comes with ease when you put energy behind it you can gain a quite different perspective on having millions on eails to reply to!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Our story defines us

Are you on the fast or slow track of Life A Tortoise or A Hare?

Today I listened to Eileen Williams from California telling her 19 year journey in business.

She started as a mum of 3 small children and today she was giving a talk to 1000 people about her success

When her dircet sales business was first growing it was under huge scruteny because of other companies in the direct sales industry producing shonky products , MLM scams and pyramids schemes etc

SHE DID NOT QUIT! - why ? she heard leaders tell her as I have told you that the only way to fail in business is to quit. There is always a way ahead to be found.

Her business survived that terrible time because it is a company with long term vision - sure many many quit how ever Eileen was stubborn and held on to her dreams.

Eileen's story of how she of how she re-invented herself over the next 5 years shows us all what can be achieved as she went to millionaire success in 2006 and is now averaging 1.25 million turnover a year.

Key Learnings from Eileen for me

The obvious one- keep believing I deserve to have my dreams
Look out for danger spots! EGO, SELF DOUBT, Being in my head about this business rather then getting to grips with what it means emotionally for me.
Decide to do it to day , every day - beauty has been around since the Egyptians and we are in the right business
Doing the personal growth required to get out of my own way
Adopting a fun -like approach whilst getting out of my own way
Massive Action works
NSE is a much bigger calling than you and me- so many world patents
Recognise I have ignored defining moments in my life
The pain of doing this business - if I choose to I can avoid the pain cos it is all made up by me!
Visualise the end of my life - would I be happy if I did not achieve this ?
I can learn to like the new habits that lead to success - do what I am resisting to get momentum
Timing IS RIGHT NOW - take the huge opportunity and create own huge success.
What ever I am thinking is what I will attract

Plenty of food for thought there folk Arlene

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Personal Power

I have been reminded today that you cannot want more for others then they want for themselves. When I was a teenager as part of the Duke of Edinburgh's Awards scheme I spent 6 months working as a volunteer at a Dr Bernardo's home for disabled children;

There I meet Ian and Adele who, like this man in the video, had a superb sense of life and determination. Ian rolled everywhere because it was easier than walking on his bottom and I will never forget Adele sewing with her feet. (we threaded the needle). They had special legs that could be moved by hip movements, however it took so much courage cos if they fell they had nothing in the way of hands to protect their fall! Those children taught me humility, a sense of fun no matter what the blockage is, and a realisation that courage comes in so many ways.

So does it really seem so hard to make a few phone calls to offer others a chance at a wonderful life!

Today with the aid of my competent coach I looked at the bigger picture of what my vision for the future means for me. I have engaged with many of other people's visions in the past: world peace; better woman's working rights; removal of child starvation,equal pay etc etc. These are important and will continue to be so for me.

I learnt today that my vision is the multiplier effect. That what I really engage with is the value of connecting others together to see the possibilities that synergy brings to grow together.

My vision is therefore that I impact on everyone I meet, then they multiply what they got from that encounter so they can impact on others in their way.

However they choose to show up in the world is beyond my sphere of influence it is enough for me to know I started or accelerated it happening,being the catalyst or architect that brought something better into the world we live in.

I will always get you going somewhere! Just as the children I looked after so many years ago had their goals and dreams and I shall remember them forever in my heart.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Setting yourself up for the next 90 days

Goal setting time is to be relished and enjoyed rather than avoided. Putting an intention out on paper is something less than 3% of the population ever do!!

I have looked back time and time again to see what I have written and in some shape or form it has all come to fruition.

This year I have set myself a huge stretch goal to have a residual income that replaces my temporary income and the scariness factor is +10 - I will be asking for help to achieve it so watch out everyone.

If you have not get set out your dreams on paper consider this if you could have your goal what benefits will you receive from achieving it?

Why is it important for you to realise the goal?

also write down the key obstacles and solutions

Now comes the key part - put down action steps, with target dates, and write a strong affirmation to be your mantra for each day

let me know how you go - Arlene

The sound of marching feet

This article by Kerry-Anne remined me that we are progressing in the right direction.
I have to say that I have marched for equal pay in the 70's , driven over 200 miles to rally for more pay for nurses in late 70's and early 80's and marched up to Parliament house in WA for women to have greater industrial relations rights in the 90's. I think that times have changes and the power of the pen is greater then the sound of marching feet. It needs both genders to stand up and make the changes. Women can work with men to endorse the skills that women have and edify those women who have pushed on through the tough times to gain staus for others to follow.
Enjoy reading the article. Let me know what you think? Arlene

Let mothers hold the baby

Kerry-Anne Walsh
January 11, 2009

WOMEN used to be described - along with blacks, gays and an assortment of others - as a minority group.
We weren't in numbers, of course. The reference was to the status of women in positions of power, influence and, among other areas, the workforce.
The path to equality is littered with burnt bras and shattered glass, and there's still a drearily long way to go. Women still earn far less than men for comparable work, are discriminated against in the workforce because of child-rearing responsibilities or simply blatant sexism and bear the brunt of domestic violence in homes.
The good news is there has been a slow but steady increase in the number of women in the upper ranks of politics and the judiciary, pointing to a future - no matter how distant - where merit, talent and experience may become the genuine criteria for selection. That time can't come soon enough.
Before the Howard government lost office in 2007, only two women graced the cabinet table. Just two other women were in the outer ministry. When Kevin Rudd grabbed government, he doubled the female representation in the cabinet room to four, included three women in the outer ministry and appointed three as parliamentary secretaries.
Women still represent only one quarter of Labor's bulging front bench but at least it's an improvement on the 11 years of static representation under the former regime.
Rudd's female ministers hold meaty portfolios, including the position of our first female Prime Minister (acting). And few would have thought they'd see the day when a woman was sitting in Canberra's Government House as governor-general.
In the courtrooms of Australia things are also looking up. Of the 15 judicial appointments made by the Rudd Government, seven have been women, including Justice Virginia Bell to the High Court.
Joining her in the hallowed rooms of justice are Jayne Jagot (to the Federal Court) and Barbara Baker, Evelyn Bender, Anne Demack, Judith Walker and Josephine Willis (as federal magistrates). All have outstanding legal pedigrees, raising the obvious question: why has it taken so long for them to make it to the bench?
Justice Bell's resume reads like the perfect job application for high legal office. Solicitor, barrister, legal counsel, Supreme Court appeal judge. A social and civic conscience emerges through her work with legal aid, the Law Reform Commission, a sexual assault committee and as a public defender.
The CSIRO has its first female chief executive. Dr Megan Clark was appointed in September and starts this month. Also in September, Professor Penny Sackett was appointed by the Government as Australia's new chief scientist.
These examples don't an equal society make, of course. Most boardrooms are still a sea of suits.
Women in the church struggle to be recognised as leaders. The barriers to women in the workforce remain strong, particularly for working mothers who are desperately needed in Australia to keep the economy, and household budgets, afloat.
Pensioners have received a rock-solid guarantee they will have their incomes lifted in the May budget but another government promise, of a paid maternity leave scheme, which would ease the path to workforce participation for many working mums, is wilting.
Why it is an item that should be bumped in the name of savings is something the Government will have to explain if it isn't announced in the budget.
The final Productivity Commission report on parental leave will be delivered to the Government next month. It will form the basis of their budget deliberations about the introduction of a leave scheme.
It would be ironic indeed if, after the advancements made by the Rudd Government to improve the position of women in power, it was responsible for delaying a scheme that could help them get more.
Source: The Sun-Herald

Friday, January 9, 2009

It was a dark and stormy night and other gems

Today blog is around business building - primarily for readers who are growing a direct's sales group ; however all business leaders will get gems out of this. tab : Australia to hear more

Today's leader was Englishman Jonathan Hillberry - he had run a business until he was 38 years old with over 200 employees in design and internet however he never enjoyed his leveraged success because always cashflow got him so he sold out and left for the USA building again in insurance.

2006 : A pharmacist with the biophotonic scanner got his attention and he built a pharmanex business to lapis ( 2 executives) in 14 months - then 16 weeks ago he recognised the galvanic spa opportunity and went to Team Elete ( 12 executives) !!

My Lessons learnt from Jonathon --

Keep it simple --be interested in people - work the relationships, LOI Mindset - Duplicate - tell the business story - feed your mind - turn the TV off and get action

Script he uses

My company is on the USA top 10 list for shares to buy in 2009
If I could offer you a guaranteed income that would be 4 x or 10 x what you already have would that be worth a look ?
It provides a non-surgical face-lift and has products that slow down skin ageing
then he invites to presentation, 3-way call-or video or to meet him

Bonus pool

He focuses on getting LOIs and keeps people in his team growing with LOIs - the business in a box concept

Story telling - he shared how to practice being a master duplicator

he used the metaphor of everyone listening to stories from elders that started with "it was a dark and stormy night ......" then each had to start a story with the same "it was a dark and stormy night ......"

I have a similar phrase " suddenly a taxi came hissing out of the pouring rain ...." whatever thread you hold that keeps your mind focused on being a master duplicator

my thoughts: Nuskin products have lots of great stories however - learn a few money stories too -
first big cheque ;
meeting people who came into the company after you that earn more
efforts of others you know that provide a time or financial freedom they wish for
nourish the children 130000 meals a year to starving children.


he shared how he asks people he has a relationship with would they be willing to invite their boss to go and have a drink together and then asks the person he knows to edify him so the 3rd parties are ok

YOU need help to mine the gold

Working with professional business people - share the money story - 44% of cost of products comes back to us as distributors
Appeal to the driver in the conversation - ask lots of questions so you know how to help them be successful
show how to be a millionaire with motivated customers through prodocts and technologies that slow ageing

Learn enough about the company to be confident - rather then focusing on what a particular ingredient does in the skin

Impending events - go to everything be committed there is something magical when 100 people get in a room growth occurs

I never miss these calls - there are so many gems to reinforce and feed my subconscious


Tuesday, January 6, 2009

smelling the roses first requires you to clear out the leaves

I recognised that if my garden was ever to be a place that I wished to stroll around showing others the magnificent roses then I first had to be happy with how it looked! Being a believer in the value of goal setting i decided with my festive holiday to commit to 1-1.5 hrs a day clearing up the leaves and weeds and becoming proud of my little piece of magic. True little is probably not quite accurate as the area was around 300 sq metres of overgrown garden. Including my Turpentine Tree - the major cause of all the leaf droppings.

So on 23rd December I set too and every morning with the exception of Christmas day I have laboured. I have found plants I did not appreciate were there, dreaded onion weed that will be being dealt with for many years to come. I have scratched arms and had to content with March Flies ( why they are called that when they are so abundant in Dec I have no idea!)

I created what I call wild turkey mounds of leaves in 3 parts of the garden; overflowed the garden green waste bin within 1 day and my long suffering husband created a leaf catcher with chicken wire and wooden stakes saying: I have left it open on 1 side for the wheelbarrow to get in ! I day later I had it full and overflowing with more being dumped on the other side - wheelbarrow was never even used.

I have gone through 2 pairs of gloves, 1 pr of secuters , 2 fold up garden litter bins and Bunnings is thinking of offering me additional discount.

Waving to wait until Monday 5th to contact the garden bin man to make an extra pickup has resulted in recognising we have a garden waste transit department at my local council ( open on weekends too!)

So out came the 6X4 trailer from the undergrowth and that rapidly became full of clippings. Clive, my husband considered I could fit more in is I mulched the twigs , branches and bits of trees. On a roll I insisted he dig out the electrical hedge clippers when he was looking for the mulcher.

Enough Enough - it is time for me to walk amongst the roses and smell the buds - OH dear that one has died and needs to be dug out - pass the spade please !!

Lessons learned.

1. make an effort and you will be rewarded

2. a little activity every day gets the goal achieved

3. Work out a plan so there is no waiting for certain parts of the project to be completed first before the next stage can take place.

4. Commit to the achievement having fun with it as you go - very therapeutic to rip out weeds and gather up leaves.

5. Stand back and enjoy the praise from others

green and Brown thumbed Arlene