Wednesday, January 11, 2012

getting your teeth into change

A visit to the dentist is looked on with a degree of trepidation. I thought how much the process of having my teeth looked at is like a metaphor for change. Firstly, there has to be an appointment so that the major players i.e. the dentist and me, are both there at the surgery ready, willing and able. Of course that requires I focus myself so that I’m ready to be there on time.
So often when faced with change, not everyone is ready at the same time - some people need more information to show up in the first place. Luckily, I have known my dentist, Les Revy, for years (since I came to Australia) and need no further info on his way of working – come in, take a seat, bag over there, going back, bib on and light shining in my eyes!
The various steps Les takes to ensure my teeth are suitable for a further 6 months reprieve, reminds me of the steps needed to work what needs to change in 2012 for success to be achieved at work or in my personal life:

Step 1: He has to check the current state of my teeth and gums, refer to my dental chart, check previous work such as fillings, crowns and bridges – (ie review past year and agree what is working and what needs to change).
Step 2: Declare all ok, only needing a scale and polish this time – (ie gaining agreement with myself to let go of old habits and proceed with making the changes).
Step 3: Using the ultrasonic device (sounds like Dr Who now – “use the ultra-sonic screwdriver”! ) to chip away at the big bits of plaque – (ie creating a list and yearlong plan for change – what’s in scope and what’s not).
Step 4: Examining what bits are left and using hand tools to clean up the smaller bits – (ie fine tuning the details by using a 90 day plan of what I want to change).
Step 5: Flossing between the teeth and my bridge with super floss – (ie checking with others that I am not missing any steps to improve my year and there are no blockages).
Step 6: Polishing the teeth to a shine – (ie working out what reward or celebration I will give myself to celebrate the success of the change).
So when you are next in the chair instead of looking at the stars on the ceiling think about your current situation and walk yourself through as your dentist does his stuff.