Sunday, May 25, 2014

what a week! - Bruce Guy and Myself presented at the WA Training Forum on Monday. We used today's meet as a back chat system and it worked well with 3-4 people actually posting and I am sure a few more lurkers.  Bruce and I took turns to amswer questions so giving people an E-learning experience during the presentation.

Guy has been up last week to show use how to use a tool for creating moving video of content- I did mine on the cosurse material and then talked over the top - it was speeded up x4 so I actually looked quit an artist - Clive my husband who is an artist would have laughed - I might get himt to do the nextone.
Now it is back to getting the course back on track and with the assignment 1 put in and marked I am looking forward to the LLN modules and creating more mini clips for the weekly materials.

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