Saturday, February 22, 2014

What impact has e-learning had on the SPSO L&D team?

reading about the "new ideas" to grow my e-learning muscle 23/02/14

Hearing the 19 million Facebook paid for whatsapp is mindblowing - if the news are to be believed than they took 11 days only to decide to purchase. "The answer is that CEO Mark Zuckerberg probably felt he had little choice. WhatsApp processes 27 billion messages a day, and has 400 million active users a month. Facebook, by comparison, has 1.2 billion monthly users — which means that WhatsApp is already, on its own, a sizeable threat to Facebook in terms of peeling off its users and siphoning them into a messaging environment that until today, Facebook had no access to." It seems with creating any E - learning there is the temptation to feel overwhelmed by just what is every present everywhere and what can genuinely help a newbie like me. I'm so glad I am working through a course with others to control the collie wobbles I get when thinking about what's next in the world. personally ths is the one I am waiting for! A team of Dutch and Italian researchers has found that the way you move your phone to your ear while answering a call is as distinct as a fingerprint. You take it up at a speed and angle that’s almost impossible for others to replicate. Which makes it a more reliable password than anything you’d come up with yourself. (The most common iPhone password is “1234.”) Down the line, simple movements, like the way you shift in your chair, might also replace passwords on your computer. It could also be the master key to the seven million passwords you set up all over the Internet but keep forgetting. Chris Wilson Tim you will like no 13! enjoy this week

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

E-learning 19th February

some further refection on my learning. The pedagogy approach that I so fervently ranted about on the training last Monday does seem to have expanded in the sense that it provides a hierarchy of design options for learning activities. E.g. handouts - passive forums to using quizzes and assignments etc up to a community of peer sharing for research. I will apologise to others for leading them into my trigger moment. "Andragogy" ( look it up on wiki) as a term sits so much better for me. I have been working put how to put music and text into a welcome box with not too much success, so look forward to Guy's intervention on that one. The HTML block will be a lot of fun once I master it.

E- learning. Week 2 reflections

Today,I spent quite a bit of time going through the tasks for week 1 &2, having a play on setting up stuff on my course in the Moodle sandpit( this is an area where I get to play at making a course without anyone expect my fellow course attendees and Guy seeing it) Of course as with any trial and error learning I made mistakes first an then figured out where I went wrong. I still seem not to have got the hang of sending posts to people- so will end to speak to others to get that checked out before I go much further. The learning about Moodle in the course had some easy to use clips that went over how to use and info stuff that was much easier to understand then the text hyperlinks to Moodle. Guy was clear about what we have to work on for this and next week. So I had better actually figure out which of the 3 ideas I have for e- learning course I am going to settle on for the coursework and assignments. Got a bit lost at times however finished the quiz with a 57% however I need to do better cos the course marked me with an X and no badge!

E-learning - course and week one

I have embarked on a new 10 week course to master creating e-learning materials. Guy Truss from SWIT in Bunbury is magic and has made the intro course easy to follow. The technology is to be enjoyed rather than endured and the collaborate tools for chatting and connecting are very similar to others I have used such as Go -to- seminar and Go - to- meetings. I also have my years of coach training using the e- learning material and telephone hook-ups for CE points to fall back on. Week one session was 2 hours long and largely around the tools Collaborate and the platform that is Moodle. Also work to be undertaken for TAELLN401A0. At Baptistcare I was unsure of the technology being available so the team except BMcA we gathered in the training room and largely usd it with face to face and some inputting to the system. I had on line access to SWIT, Moodle and collaborate on my IPad - there were limitations, on what I could take part in e.g. the writing. Note to self - Next session will require to be at a PC. Avoid asking students can they hear me - set up for them to raise had if they cannot Consider adult attention spans when going back over connectivity and functionality stuff - biggest turn off for adults when technology stuffs up Everyone else seems to has been able so far to get into the courses and enrol each of us to share materials, assignments and progress. I am excited to see what people come up with. I had a play around with the Moodle learning modules - didn't seem to get the boxes ticked so need to go back and repeat the learning and watch videos.