Sunday, March 16, 2014

E-learning experiences that link each other , and prepare for new roles

come across this useful site with heaps of ideas on apps to use. I have spend time today on linked in , sorting out the various people I linked with at the Blended Learning conference last week.

Re E-learning course with SWIT I also spent time surfing sites for useful information for the team..I had a laugh at David in his fire uniform and couldn't help but add a quote about fires going out of control like rumours.  Note to self - must find a very funny photo.

In readiness for the State Senate election on 5th April I am a Polling station manager at Gooseberry Hill and a team leader at Shenton Park Hospital. I did some boring on line e- learning with text , some visual material on polling stuff and a MCQ for assessment. 
The worst bit was when I clicked on a view to see an image the MCQ was reset back to zero , and I had to keep going in and out checking the images were still the same! I'll report that one at the F2F training. This is me going crazy at that GRRRRRRR.

I also cleaned out some space as I start with Curtin Study Centre for Dementia this week, so need space in my mind and in my office. Katrina sent a link via linked in to set up me on the project so that externally when people search for me they will find the project.   

off to walk the dog now and recharge the batteries.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Equally good day at the Blended learning conference.
Reflections are: it's is worth considering the current direct and indirect delivery methods we currently use. Although the speakers have firm views and seem light years ahead, many of the audience were at similar stages to us, bandwidth issues, lack of buyin, interesting metaphor for that was lopes bandwidth too ! Elearning for induction was the go for most, yet needed to be significantly tailored for staff the gain. Blending learning options for LDPs that were well thought out seemed to be prevalent, maybe cos that is where companies invest. Heartening to know that a slower approach , well thought out with the L&D framework we have would stand us well, however end to end processing of learning into the business strategy to show ROI could be much improved.
Scaffolding was another term used for learner centric approaches that build confidence and competence.
Tools used today were todaysmeet , and twitter ,other options were offered.
Lots to think about and many photos to  review.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Blended learning conference in Sydney

Had a full day at the blended learning conference
Been a full on day with listening F2F , tweeting and using a back channel app
Which is really cool and would have less issues in getting people set up than twitter for many orgAnisations.
Have sent back lots of info using traditional email
And néed to build more if the social learning modes
Plus learnt that free sites Re Moocs and they are on the wane even before I have used them !

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Sunday 2nd March

Just watched the post that Tim put up on the classroom of the future. So many strands to this blended learning that I sort of knew about however hadn't thought about how they could be used. Gardner's multiple intelligence's aligned with the thinking on the "smart " slide and how our thinking needs to be expanded even more that I had realised. Today I will work out exactly with of the topics I am going to focus on ... back later well I have actually decided to focus on mentoring and buddying and in particular how to embed this into everyday culture rather then just having special roles. Today I am focusing on the ADDIE process particularly analysis and design. I found a good website with lots of ideas for instructional strategies and methods - you have to adapt as it is children centric however well worth a look - I'll put up on wiki if I can too. Yippee my analysis and design is up for all of you to pick over. Good luck with all of yours...