Friday, March 14, 2014

Equally good day at the Blended learning conference.
Reflections are: it's is worth considering the current direct and indirect delivery methods we currently use. Although the speakers have firm views and seem light years ahead, many of the audience were at similar stages to us, bandwidth issues, lack of buyin, interesting metaphor for that was lopes bandwidth too ! Elearning for induction was the go for most, yet needed to be significantly tailored for staff the gain. Blending learning options for LDPs that were well thought out seemed to be prevalent, maybe cos that is where companies invest. Heartening to know that a slower approach , well thought out with the L&D framework we have would stand us well, however end to end processing of learning into the business strategy to show ROI could be much improved.
Scaffolding was another term used for learner centric approaches that build confidence and competence.
Tools used today were todaysmeet , and twitter ,other options were offered.
Lots to think about and many photos to  review.

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